When someone dies, their property may need to go through probate before selling it. However, the property can still be listed for sale while awaiting probate approval. Dealing with the sale of a deceased loved one's property can be a complex and emotional process. At Melanie Estates, we understand the challenges and recognise the stress of obtaining probate approval. We aim to make the process as smooth as possible for families during this trying time.

Expert Property Valuation

We specialise in providing accurate property valuations at Melaine Estates. Our valuation process encompasses various crucial factors, including the local market dynamics, recent sales in the vicinity, and the property's condition. Rest assured, we will ensure your property is positioned at the optimal market value.

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Seamless Viewings

We ensure a hassle-free experience during the marketing phase by organising accompanied viewings and sparing the executors and family members from the inconvenience of taking time off to show the property to potential buyers. Additionally, we communicate that the property is being sold under probate conditions to foster a sense of trust and clarity.

Protecting Your Investment

Consider obtaining specialist vacant property insurance to protect your property during the extended probate. This safeguard is essential if the property will remain unoccupied for an extended period. Our priority is your peace of mind, and we are available to assist you in making informed decisions.

A Buyer's Perspective

We suggest conducting a comprehensive building survey beforehand if you are considering purchasing a probate property. Additionally, if the property has been unoccupied, hiring certified electricians and gas engineers for thorough safety inspections of the electrical and heating systems is a good idea.

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